With our third Christmas together as a little family, we are enjoying creating memories and starting traditions. The first year we got married, Andrew and I started gifting pajamas to each other on Christmas morning. This tradition is especially fun because I love seeing what we picked out for each other and then wearing them all day!

Here we are in 2009, Londyn's 1st Christmas with all of our new jammies

This year we started the tradition of getting a real Christmas tree as a family. Andrew was used to this tradition from his own childhood, so we wanted to carry it on for Londyn to experience.

Ever since I can remember, my mom would give all the kids an ornament for Christmas. To begin a collection of our own ornaments, we decided that we would pick out an ornament for our family and an ornament for Londyn each year. We marked the ornaments with the year and wrote Londyn's name on hers. Someday, when she is all grown up, we will give her all of the ornaments collected over the years.

Londyn's 2010 Ornament - Tutu Cute

Our 2010 Family Ornament - Santa

As you can see from the picture below... Londyn did not enjoy meeting Santa this year. As pitiful as it looks, I couldn't help but laugh... and laugh some more. We had geared her up to visit Santa for a couple weeks prior to meeting him. She know's what Santa looks like and says "Santa". With all of our preparation, she still wasn't a Santa fan. After waiting in line for over an hour with a restless toddler... this is what we got. Although we will never forget this very memorable holiday moment, I am still undecided as to whether this will be an annual tradition.

There's always next year...


Megan said...

poor kid

Laura said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh, me and JD cannot stop laughing at that picture!! I feel so bad for her!! HAHAHA! Fun traditions though!