Holiday Goodies

I have a love/hate relationship with holiday treats. I have never liked sweet things much, but when I was preggers with Londyn, I got a hankering for ice cream and an occasional candy bar. Unfortunately... those hankerings haven't let up since. My love/hate relationship is because they are everywhere and everybody loves them... but as mentioned in a previous post, I do not bake. Rarely I bake... and when I do, it's from a mix and it's for my husband's sweet tooth.

So as much as I would love to whip up some fab treats for friends/neighbors/visiting teachers... I simply do not find any joy in doing so. With that said, I found this prophetic gift idea at LDS Handouts that suits me quite perfectly!

Not only do they represent my anti-bake lifestyle, but they were super affordable! I picked up these brownie mixes with Albertson's 10 for $10 deal and then used some scrapbook papers and candy canes that I already had at home.