BIG girl!

Today was Londyn's 2 year well child check with our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Rollins.  The appointment went the same way it has since her first checkup after leaving the hospital.  She cries and screams over every little thing... stripping down to her bare bum to be weighed and measured, the thermometer, stethescope and even when looking in her ears and mouth.  She just wails.  Londyn hates the actual exam but loves when our doctor asks her to do things to see where she is at developmentally.  She loves showing off for Dr. Rollins with her head, shoulders, knees and toes... how she can dance and jump and how when asked how old she is, she says "3" ... (we're working on it).  Dr. Rollins told us that Londyn is right on track, physically and developmentally.  The most fabulous part was that Lulu is completely up to date on all of her shots, so we were able to leave with a sticker and a smile!

As for stats, Londyn weighs 31.4 lbs falling in the 92 percentile, is 36.8 inches in height in the 98 percentile and for her head circumference, she measures 19.5 inches in the 93 percentile.  

Translation:  She is one big whasian girl!    

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