Londyn turns 2!

My Dearest Londyn Joy,

I can't believe that two whole years have flown by since you joined our forever family.  I am so blessed to have your sass and flair in my life.  It is never boring when you are around and you always keep me on my toes!  
So many milestones have passed in your second year.  You are chatty, silly, cheesy, a smarty pants, very loving and the best snuggle bug.  You absolutely love going to the park and ask to go at least 3 times each day.  Your best friends are your cousins.  You were extremely social as a baby and now have become very shy in front of strangers.  Your favorite foods are mac n' cheese, broccoli, cucumbers (minus the peel) and carrots.  You love treats and ask for them daily.  You often want a "baba" (sippy cup) and run to the drawer and grab me a cup and lid, followed by the request "jew-milk" (aka juice milk).  We never know which one you want, juice... or milk.  If we get it wrong, you make it known.  Your answer to everything is "no" or "no, mine".  When I ask you how old you are, you say "three."  I then say, you're "two" and you say "no"... I then say "yes, you're two" and you count "two...four...nine!"  You love rough-housing with Daddy and soak up any chance you get to spend time with him.  You often say, "Where Daddy go?" and then quickly say "work".  You absolutely love music and dancing!  You know how to somersault, tap, kick, bounce your knees, jump and gallop.  You are going to love starting dance lessons in the Fall!  
Your personality and special Spirit blesses us each day and I am so honored to be your mother.  You are constantly teaching me what life is truly about... family.  Your love and need for me is something I have always craved.  It never gets old when you get hurt and cry for me or when you jump up and down in your crib after waking up, ecstatic to see me.  Your middle name "Joy" was an inspiration as you will forever be a joy in my life.  

Happy 2nd Birthday Lulu-baby!  I love you unconditionally.

Londyn's birthday was filled with all of her favorite things!  The day was all about Lulu!

Good Morning Birthday Girl!

We started and ended the day with two different parks.  We got to play in a huge water feature and have a  picnic!

We then went to a pet store with lots of animals to pet and hold.  They even had a turtle roaming around the store!

After a 3 hour nap, we took LJ to Red Robin.  She had her fav, mac n' cheese!

Now for the drama... our waitress put balloons behind her ears... she wasn't quite sure how she felt about that...

They proceeded to sing Happy Birthday... she still wasn't sure...

After the song... she decided she didn't like it at all.  Not one bit.  She was screaming hysterically, and the good parents that we are... could not stop laughing.

It took them giving her a stuffed dog and some snuggles from Daddy to calm her down.  She finally ate a few bites of her ice cream sundae.

Happy 2nd Birthday Lulu!

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