Girls Beach Retreat

For the last several years, my mom has been treating the girls and grandkiddos to a Summer beach trip!  Last year was Londyn and I's first time going but she was still very little.  This year, it was so much more fun with Lulu because she could participate in all of the activities with the kids.
We so appreciate my mom for the awesome beach house and treating us to meals out, treats and shopping!  

I love my girl.

The Oregon coast never has predictable weather, but we got lucky and got lots of time at the beach with blue skies, sunshine and the gorgeous ocean!

Ten mermaids and a pirate.

Miss Independent.

One of the girls' favorite beach trip traditions is the annual shopping spree and photo shoot.  The cousins partner up and Grandma gives each of them a budget to pick out an outfit at the outlet mall.  My favorite part is seeing all of their individual styles and personalities shine.  Following the shopping trip, my talented sis-in-law Rebecca does a photo shoot with all the kids.  Unfortunately, Londyn was way overdo for her nap and didn't last very long but I can't wait to see how the photos turn out!

Here is the outfit I picked out for Lulu.  She's just getting so big!

Londyn adores her cousin "Kay-Kay" and would ask for every morning when she woke up.  Sometimes when Kaylee is around, Lulu will only go to her!

Another beach trip tradition is going to our favorite restaurant Mo's.  Yummmm-o!

The kids loved playing on the beach outside of Mo's, digging for clams and splashing around in the freezing cold water!

After Mo's and the beach, Grandma took us all to the "Naked Mermaid" ice cream parlor.  It isn't really called the naked mermaid but theirs a statue of one outside of the parlor... thus the nickname.

My absolute favorite part of the trip was swimming at the pool.  In the past, Londyn has always been really nervous and scared around water.  But she is definitely growing up because I don't think there was a moment where she wasn't smiling from ear to ear in the pool!  Although, she did get sassy because she didn't understand that she couldn't just let go of me and swim like all the other kids.  She loved to climb out of the pool and jump in the water... even when people weren't expecting it!  Yikes!

We had so much fun and can't wait until another girls retreat next Summer!

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