Londyn Lately {24 months}

This week, Londyn and I tried going to the movies for her first time.  I was hesitant, since the kid can barely ever sit still... but when she does, it's usually while plopped in front of the TV to watch a show.  So we gave it a shot, and after stuffing my purse with snacks galore and a little over an hour of watching Yogi Bear, I would say her first movie theater experience was a success!  She was enamored by the huge screen and kept pointing and telling me about the big "show".  It love watching her love life and trying new things!

If it weren't for my sister, I don't know how I would get through the long Summer nights while Andrew is working.  Although we are so grateful and proud of him, we miss him terribly.  My sister Jenelle is a pro at doing the night time routine by herself as her husband is a police officer and has always worked crazy hours.  I would be surprised if she hasn't gotten sick of us yet, as we pop in... unannounced to just hang out and sometimes even mooch a meal or two.  Here is a picture of my niece Jennifer and Lulu when we went to Olive Garden about a week ago.  Londyn's best friends are her cousins.  She can never have enough of them!  Can you tell how much Londyn loves her Jen-Jen?

Thanks Jenelle for being the best big sis!

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