"Pretty Ears"

When Londyn was 3 months old, we got her ears pierced and I still believe it was the best time to do it!  She barely even cried or ever had a problem with them.  But they did fall out a couple times during her naps, which led to a cheaper alternative to 14k gold... which led to sensitive ears and infection.  We decided to leave them out and try again in the future.  
Now that she is two and can tell us when things are bothering her, I feel good about trying earrings again... plus the fact that a little extra bling never hurts. 
On Thursday, I took Lulu to Claire's in the mall and they were able to pierce both ears at the same time.  She was super wiggly but barely even let out a peep when they did it.  After it was done, she was adamant that she get her candy that I had promised over and over again.
I'm crossing my fingers she will do well with earrings this time!  She calls them her "pretty ears".  

I love my little girly girl!

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