8 Weeks & Counting

It's official!  Londyn is going to be a big sister!

8/4/11: 3 weeks, 5 days
I have just been having a strange gut (get it?) feeling that I'm pregnant... and since we have been trying for a few months now, this is probably the tenth stick I've peed on.  But, this time I finally saw the little pink line!
I have always wanted to come up with some super cute and creative way to tell my husband that we are preggers... but that would take patience, and that is something I SO do not have.  This is how it went... I came out of the bathroom, probably smiling way too big and said "are you ready to be a daddy again?"  I then proceeded with an impromptu the-test-is-positive-and-I-really-am-pregnant dance.  Andrew laughed and looked at me like I had three heads.

8/5/11: 3 weeks, 6 days
I have had a nasty cold and major chubbiness going on.  I had these exact same symptoms before I found out I was pregnant with Londyn.  I was shocked to discover that sinus congestion/cold is a common symptom of pregnancy... who knew?
The chubby look is my least favorite part in the early stages.  I started showing at around 6 weeks with Londyn... we were living in Utah and I would send my mom and sister pictures of my belly.  I cried to Andrew because they didn't believe that I could be showing that early.  I remember them asking if I was taking pictures of someone else's pooch!  When I came home for Christmas at about 9 weeks, they were finally convinced because I already looked 6 months pregnant.  All throughout my pregnancy, people (even strangers) would comment on my large bod and how it MUST be twins... Little did we know that I was going to give birth to a 9 lb. 5 oz. chunk!
Last time I gained 60 pounds during pregnancy!  I wonder if it had anything to do with the countless super-sized meals of 10 piece chicken nuggets, fries & diet cokes.  I ate... ate... and ate a ton.  To top it off, I had about as much motivation to exercise as a beached whale.
This time around, I am determined to stay active, eat healthy and listen to my body.  I am still struggling with the changes my body has made after having a baby the first time, so I want to try really hard to take care of what I've got this time around!  Not to mention, I have an active 2 year old that will keep me on my toes, whether I want to or not.
As for my feelings and emotions on having another baby... I still can't believe it!  I am so happy!  It's round two and we know more of what to expect.  Londyn is ready to have a playmate and baby to love on.  She will be almost three when the baby comes!  I have seen so many of my friends and their newborns recently, which has just made the baby itch that much stronger!  Hopefully I can still remember that feeling when I've only gotten about 2 hours of sleep at a time, haven't showered for 36 hours and my 3 year old is begging to eat something other than hot dogs or mac n' cheese... hopefully.
My only initial fear of having another baby... is just that, having another baby.  I can't even believe that I went through 54 hours of labor and delivery with Londyn.  SO many factors in that pregnancy and delivery were wrong and if it weren't for my mom and sister's vivid memory, I wouldn't even be able to list all of them.
This time, I WILL make sure that I am 100% confident in my doctor.  No doula, no nurse midwife, no doctor not measuring me every visit or checking the size of the baby when I am way huge and then finding out I'm overdue AFTER the baby is born.  No being delivered by a student nurse midwife and being her first delivery ever without an overseeing physician in charge.  No discouraging a C-section after my water being broken and only being dilated to a 3 for over 2 DAYS.  No pushing for 4 hours with the epidural worn off because the idiot STUDENT nurse midwife doesn't know how to deliver a baby.  No no no.  I realize labor is LABOR... but c'mon, that was just pure misery.
But... I'm not going to lie, the product of all that insanity was worth it.  I held that little girl in my arms and I forgot every one of those last 50-some-odd hours.

8/13/11: 5 weeks
Today we had our very first yard sale... need I say more?  After it was over, I was beyond beat.  Pregnancy and a yard sale is a recipe for a 3 hour long afternoon nap.

8/14/11: 5 weeks, 1 day
After church today, we had a big dinner with my whole family to celebrate the August birthdays, Andrew and my nephew Kyler.  We decided that since everyone would be together, this would be the perfect time to make our big announcement.  Londyn was wearing a shirt that I ironed on the words "Big Sister" in rhinestone wording, with a cardigan sweater over top.  As irreverent as it sounds, we took the sweater off during the prayer over the food so she would be ready to reveal when everyone opened their eyes.  After the prayer, we announced that Londyn had something to show everyone and Andrew turned her around to show off her shirt.  We definitely got the reaction we were hoping for, because everyone was so surprised!

8/16/11: 5 weeks, 3 days 

8/31/11: 7 weeks, 4 days
Pros: not puking.
Cons: exhausted, nauseas, cold symptoms and super sensitive to smells

Londyn plays with her babies for numerous hours each day.  She feeds them with her sippy cups, changes their diapers and tucks them in for "nigh night".  When asked where our baby is, she says "mama tummy".  Sometimes she lifts her shirt up and says "baby tummy".

9/2/11: 7 weeks, 6 days
Today was the beginning of many pokes and pushes over the next 7 months.  I had my first visit at the OB/GYN office and I soon remembered the drill of peeing in a cup and letting go of my personal space, while it is completely invaded.
I won't see the obstetrician until I am 12 weeks, but I was able to see the Nurse Practicitioner, who was really nice and comforting.  Considering Londyn was a tank, at 9 lbs. 5 oz., they surprised me with a 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes.  I thought it was way too early for something like this!  But hopefully, the results will be just fine like my last pregnancy.

9/3/11: 8 weeks
I have NEVER EVER liked cereal with milk in my life, but as of lately - I am having one bowl for breakfast and even one at night, after Lulu goes to bed.


The Leiths said...

congrats kacie!!! so happy for you guys! can't wait to hear what you're having!

Megan said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so excited and happy for you!!! YAY!

Emily said...

Congrats Kacie and Andrew! I'm so excited for you two and Londyn too. Horray!

Laura said...

YAY!! That's so exciting!!! Congratulations!!