Canning Apprentice

So far this year, my domesticated diva of a sister has taught me how to bake bread, grow a garden and today, can 14 jars of peaches... ALL for the first time!  My sister is the best teacher, mostly because she is so patient and I am so stubborn.  Every year, she asks me if I want to can, juice or make jam with her and my usual response is something like "uhhh... no, maybe next year."  But with my growing family and talented sister, I would be an idiot not to take her offer!  I am always so amazed at her skills in the kitchen and if some of that talent can rub off on me, I'll be one lucky little sis!  Today, I deemed her the Canning Queen and myself, the Canning Apprentice.  Thanks Jenelle!

First Zucchini of the Summer

Canning peaches was not near as lengthy or difficult as I thought it would be.  I enjoyed every step, from peeling the peaches to hearing the lids pop when they were done!  When I got home, it was just a sweet feeling as I placed the jars I had just canned on the shelves with the rest of our food storage.  Even though it's only 14 jars of pure gold, it's absolutely and undoubtedly rewarding!  Honestly though... I don't think they stand a chance of lasting very long in our home.  They're toast!

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