Dance Class: Take 2

Today was Londyn's Ballet & Tap dance class.  I was nervous after our experience last week, on top of the fact that Londyn said "no dance class" this morning.  But last night, she danced around in her new tap shoes for a good 30 minutes and loved it.  So, our chances were looking good!

 Daddy came with us this time!

Lulu loved her teacher Miss Rochelle and only had one other little girl in her class.  I think she was overwhelmed with her tumbling class last week as it had about 6 other kids in it.

This class is called Little Movers and the first half is ballet, while the second half is tap.  I loved how her teacher switched activities frequently.  It was the perfect pace for Londyn's short attention span.

Not one tear was shed and after the first half, I snuck out of the classroom without her even giving one worried glance!

I loved watching our little dancer have fun in her class!  I am so proud of her for being such a big girl and especially following all of the directions.  I can't wait for her to try tumbling again on Thursday!


Laura said...

That's so cute!! Looks like a fun studio too!!

The Leiths said...

she is so adorable! she was just making me smile! how fun!