Bump It

I have been feeling so yucky that even my drive to blog has felt like a chore.  But, life hasn't stopped and I still have lots to share!  So here it goes...

I am 11 weeks pregnant now and this experience is already completely opposite from my first pregnancy.  With Londyn, I was a little nauseas in the beginning but more so... just flat out exhausted the entire 9 months.  This time around, I have been really nauseas, super tired, headaches and achey all over.

On a more positive note, we got to see our growing baby at our first ultrasound.  Londyn loves TV a little too much, so when she saw the baby on the screen- she called it "the baby show".  It was such an amazing experience having both Andrew and Londyn there.  Lulu already loves the baby so much and the first thing she said when the peanut showed up on the screen was "cute baby".  I'm not so sure how cute our little one is at the moment, since it still looks a little alien-like but- it was amazing to see it's little arms and legs wiggling around.  I can't wait to start feeling the baby kick and move!  The ultrasound showed that baby is healthy, has a strong heartbeat and confirmed a due date of April 14th.  Although it was wonderful to finally see a real baby growing inside my belly, I think my favorite part of the ultrasound was seeing Londyn react.  After the ultrasound, she kept telling us that the baby show was FUN!  It is so stinkin' cute to see her get excited about the baby.
Andrew was home most of last week and it was such a relief to have an extra set of hands and most of all, his company.  He completed lots of chores/projects around the house, took care of Londyn so I could nap and relax, spent time with me at night when I was feeling the worst and even out on a date Saturday afternoon.  Having spent so much time apart this Summer, it was nice to just spend time together... being a normal family that has dinner together, puts the kid to bed together and sees each other at night.  It was the perfect ending to the Summer season!

The bump.

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