Londyn Lately: 26 months

I have been sitting here with my fingers anxiously resting on the keyboard, trying to put how much I love my daughter into words and I am absolutely speechless.  

So... take a look for yourself, and you will fall in love with her too!

Gma Milne is dogsitting for my sister and Lulu loves taking her for walks.  My sister's dog is names Maggie but Londyn calls her "Moggie."  She tells the dog "go potty Moggie" and "c'mon Moggie."  I think she likes being in control... poor dog.

Londyn LOVES her new winter coat from Gma Milne.  Can you tell?

Seriously?  This kid makes me so happy to be her mommy.

I took Londyn to play at her favorite toy store today, and she told me she was making a cake.  How cute is the oven mitt?  

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