Dance Class

For the last week, Londyn and I have been talking about going to dance class soon.  Even though I knew she didn't have a clue what dance class was, she has been super excited whenever it was mentioned.
We set out her dance clothes and picked out her hair bows before bed last night.  We were ready!

This morning went perfectly smooth as Lulu woke up in a super happy mood!  She pranced around in her leotard, saying "cute Lulu" and "go to dance class?  now?!"

 My only fear has been Londyn's shyness lately.  She has been so clingy that she can't even make it through nursery (with Grandma as her nursery leader) without crying hysterically for mommy or daddy.  She has been going to nursery without any flaw since she was 16 months old, so this new sensitivity is really foreign for us. 

Upon arrival, Londyn was still in good spirits and not acting overly shy.  While her teacher was pulling out the mats before class, Lulu decided to run around the classroom and check herself out in the floor to ceiling mirrors.

Once class started, her attitude took a turn for the worse and she did not want to have anything to do with dance class.  She started crying hysterically and saying "no dance class!" and "I go home!"... yikes.  I knew it was too good to be true.  Her teacher suggested that I come and join in on the class... but she wasn't falling for that either.  She then recommended that Londyn just watch through the window from outside the class.  My kid got kicked out on the first day!  We'll see how she does next week... but it's not looking promising.

From the outside, looking in...

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The Leiths said...

oh poor londyn! i hope she's more motivated next week for you!