Nay-Nay Cute!

Londyn has been blessed with super cute curls and I'm crossing my fingers she won't grow out of them!  But I've always wondered what her lovely locks would look like straight... so after her bath tonight, I decided to play beauty shop (one of the fun perks of having a girl)!  I swear, the poor kid hasn't gone a day without her hair done since the day she was born... even when she didn't have any hair to do, I threw a headband on her bald little head.  Hence how fabulously cooperative she is with doing her hair every morning.  So, when I told her we were going to play with her hair, she was all for it!  I got my round brush out and went to town... followed by a few swipes of the flat iron and of course, my signature trademark... back combing.  Yes, I ratted my 2 year olds hair.

The whole time I was doing her hair, the both of us could not stop laughing!  Lately, she has been calling herself "Nay-Nay" so after we were done with her new do, she flashed her pearly whites, put her hands on her squishy cheeks and said "Nay-Nay cute!"

I'm still not sure if I'm diggin' the Beiber hair on my usually curly cued diva, but it was definitely a fun time as just us girls!

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