The best things in life are FREE...

Londyn has been going to dance class since September and absolutely loves it.  We live right next to the dance studio and pass it daily when we're out driving.  Every time she yells "Dance class, YAY!"  If we could swing it, she would take dance every day as she practices whenever and wherever there's music on.  

Last week we tried a new class and she loved everything about it, including the teacher.  She will now be taking two classes each week and as of January, she will be enrolled in three classes - hip hop, tap and ballet. I am always amazed when watching her in class because she listens so well and follows her teachers' instruction.  If only I could get Teacher Rachelle or Teacher Lisa to get her to listen at home!

This love for dance has inspired me to consider getting back into the dance world.  I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and it's all I've ever known when it comes to athletics or hobbies.  Since I am almost 5 months pregnant, taking classes for myself is out of the question and teaching would be tough since I would need to take some time off.  So, I decided to find out if the studio needed any help in their office.  When Londyn is in class, I spend a few hours each week helping in the office.  In exchange, Londyn gets to dance for free!  It's a win, WIN!  After I have the baby, I'd like to teach and take classes of my own- anything I can do to shed the prego pounds!  

Here is my little helper!

She loves to help me make copies and spends lots of time coloring pictures while I'm getting things done.

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