Loves for Lulu

After yesterday's rants and raves, I have cooled down a bit and this morning, Lulu put everything into perspective.  When I opened the door to get her out of bed, the first thing she said was "I see baby doctor today, mama?"  She has not been able to contain her excitement for my doctor's appointment today and our "baby show" ultrasound scheduled for Friday.  

It hit me that I have a little blessing in my belly and although it is a lot of work to get His children here on earth, it is the most beautiful and lovely part of life.

Today I am so thankful for this little peach.  Lulu never stays mad at me, loves me unconditionally, showers me with kisses and hugs and makes me laugh every day!  She makes every day a joy to live, just because I get to experience it with her.  

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