Lulu's Wowie

Whenever Lulu gets hurt, she calls it a "wowie" and today she got a BIG wowie.  We were all hanging out in our room and she was dancing to some music.  She lost her balance and smacked her head on the nightstand.  I wasn't too concerned because she tumbles about a bazillion times every day... but this time I was wrong.  The poor thing was crying so hard and when Andrew went to check her head, there was blood running from a cut right in between her eyes and down her face.  The Mr. was calm, but I freaked out!  He cleaned her up and calmed her down, but I still thought we should have Dr. Grandpa take a look at the gaping hole in my kids head!  He came over and examined the "wound" but said it should be fine.  Phew!  She will definitely have a scar but the trauma of stitches and potentially looking like Frankenstein's spawn would be a lot worse.

She was such a trooper, but every once and a while would say it hurts.  Poor baby girl!

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Brendi said...

Awwww. Poor little Londie!!