Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

I have been obsessed with the cookbook that our ward recently released.  We have so many talented women in our ward that really know their way around the kitchen.  I really appreciate that all of the recipes are doable, family-friendly, and for the most part contain ingredients that I usually have on hand.

So far, I have tried cheeseburger soup, taco soup and today- chicken pillows.  I can honestly say that all of these dishes were delish!

I usually only cook full meals a couple days during the week and then of course, Sundays are strictly crock pot meals as we have church until 5pm.  During the week, Andrew is either at school or work until 9 or 10pm and making a meal for myself and Lulu just takes too much energy.  I'm not proud of it, but often times we are eating cereal or mac n' cheese for dinner.

Today was one of the few week days that I decided to cook.  These are Chicken Pillows -chicken, cream cheese, celery & mushroom stuffed crescent rolls, topped with yummy gravy.  It was super easy and so yummy!  Definitely a comfort food.  I paired the pillows with bread stuffing and steamed broccoli.   

 Lulu ate every last bite and then asked for "more, pwease!"

Please forgive the finger-in-a-light-socket hair... I had just taken out her piggy tails, hence the mad scientist look she is sporting.  Yikes!

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