FYI: this post is complete and utter chaos, so don't say I didn't warn you!

This week is Thanksgiving and as everyone is roaming the grocery stores with warm fuzzies and preparing their annual poultry induced coma, I am sulking...with a numbing headache to boot.  This headache is not only physical, but situational as well.  You're intrigued, but you'll regret it when this is over.

Remember that super inspired post a few weeks ago about Andrew's last drill and how much I love the Marine Corps?  Well, my feelings have become a little mixed since that time.

Three months ago, I made a call to our health insurance through the military regarding our post-reserve status options.  Since I am pregnant, I wanted to make sure that our ducks were in line before we were out of the Marines.  They assured me that we would then qualify for a Continuing Healthcare Benefit Program and to call when the time got closer so that we could transfer to the new plan.  
Now fast forward to Thursday, November 3rd.  I place the call to our insurance again to enroll in the new plan.  The "customer service" representative proceeds to explain that I must have been misinformed because I in fact do NOT qualify for any continuing benefit and they currently do not offer anything for reservists after their contracts have completed.  Of course, this was only two days prior to our coverage end date.  I was devastated and gave them the benefit of the doubt by calling and speaking to several other representatives, crossing my fingers for a different outcome.  Ehh- WRONG.

Instead of totally flipping out, I started making calls.  Well first I had a diet coke... and then started Google-ing every possible medical insurance company, followed by organizations that assist Veterans and their families.  Long story short, all of these sources had the same response.  "We can't do anything for you because you are pregnant.  We're really sorry but please make sure to call us AFTER you have the baby and we can help."

Last option?  The Oregon Health Plan aka state insurance.  Hands down, we have no problem qualifying financially but they are making it literally impossible for us to achieve coverage.  I am at the point where I have lost almost all hope in my case worker.  I mean c'mon, my husband served 6 years in the US Armed Forces, deployed to Iraq for 7 months... is now working his butt off in school to create a stable future for our family... we're both working to put food on the table, which isn't easy and have a 2 year old and another baby on the way in just 5 months!  We are not trying to milk the system in every possible way.  We just really need medical insurance.

My parents always raised me to know that medical insurance is an absolute must.  No IFS, ANDS or BUTS... medical insurance is worth whatever you have to sacrifice to be covered.  More now than ever with this economy, medical bills can really ruin a person or a families future.  We have been so lucky to make it this far without debt or credit issues and I hope that this is not the beginning of a new direction.

After applying for OHP, I received a call within 24 hours to schedule a phone interview with a case worker.  On November 7th, I had that interview and once that conversation was over, I was overwhelmed with a list of documents they needed from me to determine eligibility.  After spending an entire day and a half gathering all of the necessary items, I e-mailed them to my case worker.  This was all followed by intense waiting and more waiting.  After leaving two messages on her voicemail, I finally heard back from her 11 days later... to let me know she had not received any emails.  I then confirm the correct e-mail address and send again.  Nothing.  After waiting 4 more days and one message left, I get a call back from her and she has still not received anything.  I tried again today... hopefully she will get them when she is in the office again tomorrow.  Even if she does, she said she cannot look at my case until next week as she has a full schedule of appointments tomorrow.  Seriously?  I had sent everything she requested to an e-mail address that she apparently no longer uses... over 2 WEEKS AGO... and my case has yet to be evaluated?!

To top all of this off, I went to fill my prescription today for a medication and because my prior insurance is no longer active, what used to be a monthly payment of $22 is all out of pocket and now 250 bucks.  Of course, I can't pay that... so here I sit with said headache caused by withdrawals from a medication that is supposed to keep me from riding the crazy train... which I am intensely experiencing at this time.
  I want to scream, cry and eat buckets of ice cream ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  

Deep breath.

So... if you're still reading this, which I'd be surprised if you still are... today was not a good day and all of this venting was more therapeutic and for documentation sake than my usual posts that are filled with rainbows and smiley faces.    

The end.

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