Big News!

Yesterday was filled with big news and I am just itching to share!

A few weeks ago, Andrew had an interview with Intel for a Manufacturing Technician position.  Intel was recruiting at the college he attends for students getting their AAS degree in 2012.  He felt good about the interview but it didn't make the weeks of waiting any easier.  Yesterday he received a phone call with an official job offer, which will begin in September.  He will be working 12 hour shifts, Wednesday through Friday and every other Saturday.  Not only will he be working in the industry he has always dreamed of, he will be employed by a great company.  They offer their employees ample benefits and opportunity for growth.  

I can't even begin to express how proud I am of Andrew for getting this job.  Employment isn't easy these days and he already has a job lined up 9 months before he's even finished with his degree!  This job is such a blessing for us right now!  God is truly watching closely over us during this time.  Our baby will be born in April and just five months later we will have a steady income AND medical, dental & vision insurance.  The best part of all?  Watching him succeed and follow his dreams.  

This getup is what the Mr. will be wearing at work every day.  Cute... eh?

Now... for the rest of our big news!

I got a call back from our genetic counselor and the results on the test for DiGorge Syndrome were finally in.  The test came back normal!  This completes the results from the amniocentesis and I am so relieved that our baby's congenital heart defect is not genetically related.  What a relief!  This reduces the risk of further complications with the Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  This positive news is just what we needed.  I was starting to doubt the possibility of more than just bad news.  We WILL get through this and come out a stronger family unit.  

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