Christmas Cheer for All to Hear

Is it me or is this month just flying by?!

Christmas is literally next week and we still don't have our tree up or any other decorations for that matter.  The extent of Christmas in our home has been the frequent mugs of hot cocoa at night and the holiday-scented candles.  Luckily, Grandma Milne has enough Christmas at her house for the whole town... so we all get our fix over there, without even lifting one box.  

Londyn is obsessed with everything Christmas.  On a daily basis, she ooohs and aaaaahs at all of the decorated houses that we drive by, sings "Jingle Bells" over and over again, randomly proclaims "HO, HO, HO"... and asks to watch a Christmas movie.  This morning I was dropping her off at my mom's house before heading to work and I asked Lulu what she was going to do with Grandma today.  She said she was going to "play with LOTS of Santa's ALL day."  

Tomorrow, Andrew will be taking his last final for the term and then we plan to decorate our Christmas tree as a family.  I am so excited to decorate our tree with Lulu!  It is so amazing how she was still bald and babbling this time last year, and now she is our little/big girl... running, dancing, talking, joking and bringing us so much joy!  We really don't need all of the glitz and fluff of the holidays... but it sure makes for fun memories made together.

Lulu and I just got finished watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas and making ornaments for our tree.  She was so proud!


amylynn said...

can't wait to hear if baby armitage is going to be baby buhler's boyfriend or girlfriend (:

Lisa said...

She is so precious! and you are a wonderful momma!