Meeting Dr. Flath

We had our first visit with our new obstetrician at Emmanuel yesterday.  His name is Dr. Flath and he is the father of our neighbor Katie.  After our first appointment, I feel very comfortable with him and he seems to really care about us.  The appointment was very simple... pee in a cup, step on the dreaded scale, blood pressure, listen to baby's heartbeat and measure the bump.  Dr. Flath explained how he would like to transfer all of our care to Emmanuel, so as to keep everyone on the same page and location.  We talked about my difficult delivery experience with Londyn and he assured us that with all of the doctor's involved, this time around will be much smoother.  He also addressed the coordination of our cardiologists surgery schedule and date of delivery.  He feels that a scheduled Cesarean Section would be the best option, as to meet everyone's convenience.  At first I was relieved because out of all the unknown with this baby, our baby's birthday will be something to look forward to.  Shortly thereafter, I was hit with the reality of surgery and a difficult recovery... not being able to hold my baby after he/she is born... which was something I was looking forward to, considering I won't be able to hold our baby for the first month of life.  Positives?  I will get to stay in the hospital and be near our baby longer.  The cesarean will be performed by Dr. Flath and there is no guarantee with a regular delivery.  With a cesarean, there is more control of our baby's stability and condition.  Overall, it is what it is and if it is better for both myself and our baby- than it is the only way.  

Dr. Flath would like to see me every 2 weeks and has referred us to be seen by a new Perinatologist, Dr. Merrill and our already established Pediatric Cardiologist on January 5th.  On the 5th, we will have another ultrasound, echocardiogram and exam with both doctors.  By the way, our 3-hour appointment is @ 7 IN THE MORNING... and it takes us an hour to get to there.  Yikes.  Can we say Big Gulp Diet Coke?  

As far as insurance... we are still not in the clear.  The plan that I chose when I first applied for the Oregon Health Plan was a Providence plan, as we were planning on delivering in a Providence facility with a Providence Provider.  Now that we are transferring all of our care to Legacy Emmanuel, my insurance will only cover the providers- not the delivery.  After all of the headaches with OHP, I was hoping we wouldn't face anymore.  But it turns out the insurance saga continues.  I have feared calling my case worker to inquire on switching to a plan that will cover the hospital, for them to drop my coverage because I have a very high risk and expensive case.  After speaking with Dr. Flath's staff, I was told that they cannot legally cancel my coverage.  With severity of our situation, OHP should have no reason to deny the switch because it is medically necessary to deliver at Emmanuel.  We have no other option.  

All in all, the visit was a success and we have 17 more weeks to prepare with this gifted team of physicians for the birth of our baby.  

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JSLindgren said...

Dear Kacie,
It sounds like you are gathering a great team of caring people to help you. They will be an important resource for navigating this new and difficult experience. Keep a notebook around to write down questions you think of; you don't have to worry about remembering everything during your appointments. I pray all the best for you!