Christmas 2011



Brunch & Presents @ Grandma & Papa Milne's

After church, we all met back up at my parents' house to stuff our bellies with a delish ham and prime rib dinner.  The cousins had their traditional gift exchange.  Londyn got a Pillow Pet from "her Mary" which she loves!  My dad gave the kids a Taylor Swift karaoke DVD and the whole family got in on the off key activity.  

It was a perfect Christmas.  We have been so blessed this year and especially this holiday season.  I always knew we were loved, but after this last month - it is undeniable.

I am still so emotional over the insanely thoughtful Christmas Elf who stopped at our doorstep last week, and to our surprise- that wasn't the end of anonymous gifts to our family.  When we returned home on Christmas Eve night, we saw another large gift bag.  When we opened it up- there was an envelope of gift cards, a large stuffed Eeyore and a bunch of Disney princess figurines for Londyn.  We were speechless.  
To top it all off, our Bishop brought Andrew into his office on Christmas day and told him that the ward members have been thinking of us.  He then gave Andrew an envelope of gift cards for groceries and Target.  
The generosity from friends, ward members and family is overwhelming.  We are not alone in this journey.  I have especially been concerned about all of the extra spending that will come when baby Zoe arrives, and all of these gift cards are an answer to my prayers.

Merry Christmas and thank you all for giving our family hope.     

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