It has been a rough month for us, but we have had so many opportunities to be grateful and happy!  With all of the testing, doctor's visits and waiting for news... the holidays have brought a peaceful spirit that has been the most beautiful distraction from all the stress and worry.  

I just want to say that we are forever humbled by all of your many acts of service for our family.  We have received meals, countless plates of goodies on our doorstep, flowers, heartfelt notes, e-mails and text messages of love and support, offers to babysit Londyn and even friends taking me out to lunch just to get out and away. 

After lots of thought and prayer, we have decided that after winter break Andrew will no longer be working while he is in school.  We feel that this is an important time for him to focus on school and for us to prepare for the birth of our baby in April.  This way he will have a little more time for studying, going to appointments with me and just spending time together.  I am really looking forward to taking as much pressure off of Andrew as possible.  It won't be easy but right now, it is the best decision for us.

Last week, he explained to his supervisor at work about our situation.  His job has been so accommodating over the last few years.  They have constantly worked with Andrew missing work for monthly drills with the Marines and always-changing school schedules.  They even told him that if he ever wanted to come back, there would be a job waiting.  Andrew's work ethic has always been one of my favorite qualities.  He has had three different employers since we've been married and they all have just loved him.  At his work Christmas party yesterday, each employee was given a $75.00 gift card to Fred Meyer.  His manager Frank came up to him, expressed how sorry he was about our baby and that it wasn't much but he wanted Andrew to have his bonus.  This man doesn't know our family very well, but without much thought was so willing to give.  It makes me so emotional.  

This Christmas will always have a special place in my heart.  I will forever be reminded of it's true meaning.

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Nicole Heiner said...

thanks for sharing Kacie. I'm so excited for you to have more time with Andrew! Aren't there so many wonderful people in this world?