Londyn Joy: It's Potty Time!

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be Londyn's mommy? 

While we were at the hospital yesterday, Londyn announced that she needed to go potty... on the toilet.  Now mind you, this is coming from a kid who has despised the toilet and has repeatedly said, "I cannot love the potty" more times than I can count.

One of Lulu's quirks is that she is afraid of specific loud noises.  Loud music, TV and of course... noise she is making herself, does not seem to phase her.  But the blow dryer, vacuum, any power tools, lawn mower, garbage disposal and of course- public toilet flushing are grounds for meltdown mode.  She usually runs and hides in a corner or the nearest bathroom if said loud noises occur.

Quite frankly, potty-training has never been a high priority on my parenting list of things to do.  I have a hard time with messes... and when the mess of all messes can be contained in one small disposable little package (AKA diaper)... I am all for it.  Who cares if you have to change them on a regular basis? Changing them is much easier than cleaning them up all over your house, public venues and carrying extra outfits in case such an accident takes place.  Not to mention those moments when you forget to purchase a gift for the birthday party you're already late for... so you run to Target and are storming the clearance aisles for a suitable present.  You finally settle for something and then stand in one of the two checkout lines that are actually open... even though they have 15 registers (one of my pet peeves)!  And of course... your potty training child declares that they need to pee RIGHT NOW!  You must then forfeit your spot in line to run your potty-dancing little human to the nearest facilities.  This is a scenario that I dread, but knew would eventually be in my future... seeing as how no one really graduates high school in diapers.  

It was only a matter of time.

Back to yesterday at the hospital... after her announcement, she did indeed pee in the potty!  I thought maybe it was just a one-time fling... but from then on, she "needed" to go potty every 5 minutes after that.  We went home and let her run around in her nudey-pants to avoid frequent diaper changing and false alarms.  

Then, it was the moment of truth.  Poo-poo time.

Londyn said she needed to go potty.  She said she needed some books... which meant we might as well set up camp in the bathroom, because it was going to be a while.  I gathered some appropriate potty literature and parked it in the bathroom for a good 15 minutes.  When she said she was all done, I thought it was another false alarm... but boy howdy, was I wrong.  The girl did what she set out to do... and got the job done.  

I love how she chose right now... when we're in-between hospital, home and Gma Milne's to begin potty training.  But, I gotta give it to her... she's doing it all on her own.  To be honest, I'm not encouraging this potty business, but I do support it!  

If she wants to teach herself... then by all means, get it girl!

The proud potty-goer... doin' her thang!

Playing with toys at the hospital

Off to a lunch date @ McD's

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Eric and Sarah said...

That is the coolest potty training story I have ever read. Go Lulu!