Post Surgery: Day 21

I left the hospital last night at around 6pm and headed to my Mom and Dad's house to see little Lulu. She was having a blast with Gma Milne and cousin Sammie.  I decided to let her stay there for the night, so I could selfishly have a night for myself.

One would think that since we are never home... it would be spotless, but it is just the opposite.  Since we just occasionally stop in, sleep and eat... mess is building up.  There are toys all over the place, old food leftovers in the fridge, crumbs all over the floor and laundry piling up.  With little energy, I couldn't stand it anymore... so I tidied up what I could to make it look at least a little more livable.  I then rewarded myself with a little DVR catch-up time and then a hot bath.

I have always had a difficult time with sleep... either falling asleep or staying asleep.  Lately, the minute my head hits the pillow at home or even at the hospital, I'm out like a light.  I went to bed last night at about 11pm and slept in until 8:30am.  It was amazing.

Unfortunately, while I was getting a fabulous night of sleep... Andrew had the very opposite experience.  Zoe continued to desat all night, which led to lots of alarms going off.  Hence, no sleep for the Mr.  I know he has been swamped with midterms and the stress of school, so it really meant a lot for him to give me a night off.

After doing some laundry and getting ready for the day, I picked Londyn up from Gma & Gpa's.  My dad has been planning to take my mom to the coast as a birthday present and even though they were hesitant with everything going on, I was so relieved when they decided to still go.  They have been here for us round the clock for the past 3 weeks and they deserve a little breather.  Besides, I'm excited to have Lulu with us all weekend.

We received a super SWEET surprise from our friends, the Bacon's!  Andrew and I were lucky enough to teach their son Tate in primary and their daughter is such a sweetheart with Londyn.  Lulu loves Ellie!  The pizza box was delivered to our room, containing a bazillion delicious little lemon sugar cookies.  Thank you Kari and Rob!

My brother Kevin and sis-in-law Bec brought date night to the hospital tonight.  They found a fun little Peruvian restaurant near the hospital and brought us some delish cuisine!  We will definitely need to check this place out.  It was so fun to just hang out and chat about normal things and happenings outside of hospital life.  

After discussing motorcycles, Zoe stuck her mits up in the air and proceeded to ride a motorcycle in her sleep.  

She's a wild one!

Poor Londyn hasn't been napping much for the past few days.  The extent of a nap is falling asleep in the car for 30 minutes.  I wouldn't mind so much if she didn't NEED to nap anymore, but the poor thing is tired midday and gets cranky without the extra sleep.  

Before this week, she has been really great about napping at the hospital with Andrew.  But, she didn't want to have anything to do with it today.  At about 6:30pm, she laid down on the air mattress while Kev and Bec were here... and within a few minutes, we looked over and she was passed out for over an hour.  The poor thing has been such a trooper.

Andrew took Lulu home at about 8pm and I will be with Zoe for the night.  Her incision is looking a little better.  It is still red and continues to drain.  The good news is that it is not getting worse.  She is getting about 180 cc's of O2 right now and we hope to get that down lower and lower every day.  As for her feeding, she took 2-5 mils for me during several feedings today.  I am so relieved that while still slow coming, her feeding continues to improve.  

She is a bit fussy at the moment, but hopefully she will calm down enough so we can both get some rest for the night!

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