Post Surgery: Day 18

Zoe's been doing a whole lot of this today... sleep, sleep and oh yeah... more sleep!

Zoe is continuing to improve with the antibiotic Vancomycin that is aggressively tackling this nasty infection of hers.  We are still waiting on the cultures from her incision and blood.  The culture from her incision is already starting to grow a form of Staphyloccocus.  The exact form will be determined tomorrow and then our doctors will discuss the direction of further treatment.  

The blood culture won't be ready until Wednesday or Thursday, but nothing has grown so far... which is a good sign.  I am praying that the infection is only superficial, as opposed to the blood which would mean a long road of treatment ahead.  

All night and morning, Zoe has been crying off and on, breathing heavily through her mouth and squirming.  Luckily, no fever but she just looks so uncomfortable.  I asked the nurse if she could take anything stronger than Tylenol for the pain.  She has had a few doses of Tylenol with Codeine, which has thankfully helped her to rest and relax all day. 

As for her incision, it isn't looking nearly as angry today.  It isn't nearly as red and the drainage is slowing down.  

As for me... I was able to get some sleep last night and 1.5 hour nap today.  Lulu is here with me now and we are going to go home for the night.  This will be the first time in 8 days that Zoe will not have anyone here with her overnight, but I am comfortable and confident that the nurses here will take good care of her.  

Londyn has been super cute today.  She said "I NEED to see my baby Zoe!" and "She a sweet girl, mommy."  Even though we are in a tough situation, Londyn is still managing to connect and acclimate to a new addition.  The real test will be when we bring Zoe home!

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