Post Surgery: Day 29 - Good News & Bad News

Good News.
Over the last few days, Zoe has been tolerating the IV antibiotics really well and is now switching over to oral antibiotics.  Her wound is slowly improving and all of her stats have been stable.  The only concern is that she has been hanging onto just a tiny whiff of about 20-50 cc's of O2.  Since she is doing well in every other area, Dr. King has given us the okay to take her home on oxygen tomorrow morning.  I am a little nervous to take her home on oxygen, since she has so many other needs... a bazillion medications given anywhere from 2-3 times daily, NG tube feedings, wound dressing changes and all of her appointments with various doctors.  Not to mention all of the usual responsibilities in caring for a new baby and having a 2 year old at home.  Sleep deprivation, diaper changes, pumping breast milk every 3 hours, feedings every 3 hours... can you tell I'm a little overwhelmed?  We have been waiting 29 days to finally bring her home and now that it is here, I am doing everything in my power not to feel defeated by this next step... flying solo.

So far today, I have been packing up our room, scheduling appointments with our pediatrician, wound clinic and follow ups and taking care of Miss Zoe.  We also took another try at the Car Seat Challenge and she PASSED!  It helps that she was on oxygen this time.

Car Seat Challenge: Take II

I also met with the Respiratory Therapist with Home Health to learn how to use the portable oxygen tank that they are sending us home with.  When we do get home tomorrow, they will come to our house and set up a large tank that will last for several weeks.

Bad News.
When I dropped Lulu off at my Mom's this morning, they were off to run errands with Aunt Nell.  After getting to the hospital, I realized I hadn't stocked up on newborn diapers or Enfamil that we need to fortify my breast milk, because Zoe isn't gaining enough weight.  When I called my mom to ask her if she could pick some up while they were out... I could tell she had an uneasy tone in her voice.  She handed the phone to my sister and I was given the news that Londyn wasn't feeling well and even worse... felt pretty warm.  SERIOUSLY?!  Right now?!  They were going to take her home and then get her temperature.  When they called me back, it was at 102.  Next move... Tylenol.  I left the hospital around 6:30pm and headed home to get Londyn's jammies, favorite blankie, popsicles and children's Ibuprofen.  I arrived at my parents' house around 7:30pm and the poor thing was up to 105.  She was so miserable. We gave her a luke warm bath and then I snuggled her for a while.  She needed fluids, medicine on board and rest.  Worried sick... I still had a lot to get done at home to prepare for Zoe's coming home.  When I left Lulu, her temperature was 102.7.  It's 11:30pm right now and I just spoke with my mom.  Londyn has a little more oomph and is much cooler!  I am so relieved.  I had to leave both of my sick babies tonight and it killed me.

Resting at Gma's

We've decided to quarantine Londyn at my parents' house, so as not to bring Zoe home to a germ infested environment.  I wiped down most of the common areas in the house with Lysol and hope that is enough.  I hate that I can't be with Londyn when she's feeling so yucky.  I just want to snuggle her and be the one that makes her feel better.  Right now, I am depending on so many others to care for my girls... and here I am, blogging.  It just doesn't seem right.

Today was one of those days.  One of those days where you are overwhelmed and consumed with worry, doubt and fear.  I'm not proud of those feelings, but it's the truth!  I do believe that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle... but sometimes, I think he has one heck of a sense of humor!

Speaking of sense of humor... I love the nurses at Randall.  They have made all the difference throughout this experience.  Our first nurse on the Peds floor was Jessica, and she is truly a doll!  I just love her.  She left me this cute little not today.


MLHPortland said...

Stay strong. I hope things start settling down a bit for you all.
I'm so happy to read in your FB that you are home now!

Pam Camit

Amber said...

What a beautiful baby Zoe is!!! We are praying for your family!