Mama's Day 2012

It was truly a miracle to spend Mother's Day with both girls and my husband in our own home.  Overly exhausted, the Mr. sent me to bed almost the entire day.  Sleep was the BEST gift ever.  

Lulu picked out a Minnie Mouse card for me and my resourceful husband gave me yellow roses, a 20 count case of DC and some other goodies.  The most creative part of his gift giving wasn't the actual gifts but the wrapping.  My resourceful husband didn't need a gift bag or wrapping paper... he just went out into the garage for literally 5 minutes and came back with this handcrafted wood box, equipped with tool for opening.  That's my man.

To avoid exposing Zoe to germs, we spend ALL of our time at home... except for appointments.  This is tough for me because I like to be out and about.  Mother's Day weekend was filled with heat and sunshine, so we soaked up what we could with our first walk together as a family.  

While Andrew stayed home with Zoe, Lulu and I went to my Mom and Dad's for family dinner.  Being social is my thing, so it was super fun to be with the whole gang again!  Londyn loved playing with her cousins and my favorite part was hanging out with my nieces.  Their parents might disagree, but being their aunt during these teenage years is my favorite.  It was so refreshing to laugh and smile with them! 

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The Leiths said...

This is hilarious, I got sleep for my mothers day too. As much as I could, andrew took Parker for me after I fed him at night so I could actually get some sleep. Such a great gift our men give us :)