Lulu & Ziggy

Zoe is such a good baby.  Aside from her schedule, she doesn't need much but lovin'.  She loves being held and snuggled, but doesn't mind resting in the Boppy or her swing.  As a matter of fact, she isn't a huge fan of the bassinet and sleeps on the Boppy every night.  

Just like Londyn, we have come up with a whole slew of nicknames for Zoe.  So far... she goes by, Zozo, Zuzu, Ziggy and Zo-Glow (my dad's name for her).  I love our little Ziggy!

I love our swing because when the mobile turns, you can make the stars light up and I love watching Zoe so alert and entertained.

Today I gave both girls baths.  Londyn was long overdue for a good scrubbing and in all of her 43 days since birth, Zoe had yet to take a real bath.  After our appointment yesterday at the Wound Clinic, Zoe got the okay to take a real bath.  Her incision is completely closed now!  I thought she would be startled by the bath, but she loved it!  A girl after my own heart.  She kicked and wiggled all over the place.

Lulu is still taking antibiotics for her UTI and now struggling from a nasty cold.  She has a croupy cough  , runny nose and bad attitude.  Whenever I am doing something for Zoe, Londyn "needs" me to hold her right then and there.  I feel bad because when she is sick or not feeling well, she is used to my undivided attention and snuggles... which is not the case now.  We are slowly figuring it all out.

Even though she's been a grouch lately, Londyn still keeps me laughing.  When she woke up this morning, I called her my special girl.  She quickly corrected me and said, "I not a girl, I a WOMAN!"
Always cracking me up.

I look forward to 12pm every day, because my saint of a mom comes over to watch Zoe, while Londyn and I take a nap together.  Londyn LOVES that she gets to sleep in my "BIG BED."  I love getting the one on one time with her and the rest is a lifesaver.  We sleep from about 1-4pm everyday.  It's A-MAZING.  My mom is a pro at the gavage feeding, so I don't even have to worry about waking up for Zoe's 3pm feeding.

Andrew doesn't have class on Wednesday evenings so I made my first meal last night since Zoe was born.  I have made freezer meals and picked up fast food... but spaghetti, french bread and a green salad was a huge accomplishment.  I was pretty proud of myself for starting a finishing a NORMAL task.  It was a quick glimpse of what I'm capable of doing with two kids.  It sounds silly, but cooking dinner has been just one of many overwhelming items on my list of things to do... such as, showering before 4pm, exercise (what's that?), eating healthy, sleeping instead of doing housework when I have the free time, doing laundry (makes me cringe just thinking about it) and giving Londyn more attention.  I'm guessing this is what Mommy's Guilt feels like.  Does any of it really matter... when I know without a doubt that my girls love me and that they know I love them?  As long as they know I love them, I'm doing something right.


The Leiths said...

Glad you're getting the hang of it. I can't get over how comfy her swing looks! She's adorable.

The Good Life said...

Aw Elsie is like that now that we have little Gabriel. It makes me feel bad too.

Eric and Sarah said...

Favorite blog post ever. I love the pictures of Zoe looking at the stars and in the bath - SO cute! And bless Londyn's heart, she is a great big sister. Miss you guys and want to see you all!