Post Surgery: Day 24

Over the weekend, Zoe continued to remain a happy and stable baby.  Her vitals have been right on track and her incision is looking better.  

Andrew and I spent the weekend with Londyn, sleeping at our own house and enjoying the sunshine together as a family.  We spent lots of time with Zoe at the hospital, walked around the outdoor Bridgeport Mall, played on the playground and shopped at IKEA.  

Dr. King came in this morning to do an echo and everything looks just as it should.  He said that as long as long as her incision continues to improve and she fully weans off of the oxygen support, she can go home after her 10-day round of IV antibiotics is complete, which would be Thursday.  If all goes well, we will be able to take this sweet little bundle home on Friday.  Since I have posted several estimated times of departure... I am not expecting or counting on any specific day anymore.  Giving in to "Zoe Time" is much easier than fighting it.

Look at all that hair!

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Nicole Heiner said...

she is so pretty. seriously, i love her eyes! I can't wait for Julia to meet her!