Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Andrew will be attending MOS training in North Carolina for a month, starting May 11th through June 12th. I knew that this event was coming, we just were not certain when or where. Initially when we moved here, his new unit told him that they would probably be able to send him in April as to avoid nearing our baby's due date and to get it taken care of. Unfortunately, the Marine Corps... as with the military in general, things don't always go as planned. I am in no way, shape or form anticipating his departure but am blessed that he will be back 3 weeks prior to my due date. Before the news of his leaving, I was crossing my fingers for a couple weeks early... considering I am not one of those women who just LOoOoOves being prego... but now my hopes have changed. I want Londyn to stay in this rapidly-growing belly of mine, safe and sound until her daddy can be present for her arrival.

I have been extremely emotional... tearing up randomly over Andrew being gone for an entire month... especially the last month of just us two, the last month being uncomfortably pregnant... the last month to prepare for our baby... the last month before our life will turn upside down. I know these feelings are ridiculously selfish. I blame the hormones... but secretly, I am just not as strong without him. Andrew knows how to "handle" me... comfort me and make everything all right. He has become the world's greatest security blanket over these last 9 months of marriage and I am eternally grateful for his existence in my life.

Every chance that I can muster up a positive outlook on this situation is leading me to many points of optimism.
  • At least he will be in North Carolina vs. overseas
  • It's only 4 weeks
  • I can communicate with him via phone, text, or e-mail
  • He will be safe
  • He will have food, a roof over his head and many to relate with in the same boat
  • We have no need to worry about financial security during his month of absence
  • And much more!
Now is the time for me to be encouraging and supportive as this event will not only be difficult for me, but very hard on my husband. I am so grateful for a diligent and obedient husband. Our family will grow immensely from this experience!


rlmquest said...

Kacie- We are here for you! We will have fun while he is gone!
It will go faster than you think!

Armitage Family said...

Thanks Bec. I sure hope so.

The Williams said...

Oh, Kacie, this is when you need to be back in Utah so you can hang out with the wives. Stupid Marines. Grant leaves on the 7th of May and gets back on the 4th of June, and they are going to stupid Morocco. What does Africa have that Idaho, or Moab doesn't. All will be well though. PROMISE, and just think, you can buy lots of cute baby stuff while he is gone and he won't be there to get mad for spending money. See there is always a bright side to everything. LOVES!

Armitage Family said...

haha Thanks Kelli! You are too cute and make me laugh! I'm sure that baby stuff will definitely be accumulated in his absence. I'm so sorry about Morocco. We moved here with the thought that might have had to go to Morocco when the baby is due... but it's about the same here. Ugh... Marines.