The Belly - 29 weeks

We are now 20 weeks! The reality is starting to set in... that in around 11 weeks, our lives will be changing immensely! We love Londyn so much already and cannot wait to hold her in our arms.

The nursery is pretty much finished and looking absolutely adorable, but I don't want to post pictures until it is officially done. I am almost certain that she will love her little nest.

Andrew has been working so hard around the house getting things in order and functional before he leaves. He has made a HUGE list for himself and just keeps checking things off! I am so blessed to have married a talented man who can virtually get anything and everything done in my eyes. You name it, and he can make it happen! It's fantastic!

Londyn has been moving a ton lately! Last night when we were trying to sleep, she had other plans in mind. She was kicking, rolling... flipping... you name it, she was doin' it! Andrew loves it when he can feel the baby's movement.

As for me, I am feeling VERY prego! It seems as if all of the elements of pregnancy are going strong at the moment. I am literally peeing every 20 mins... which is oh-so convenient when I'm at work. I'm so emotional that I cry at the drop of a hat. I waddle... because of my size but mostly because I'm so uncomfortable. Sleep is a joke... and I still eat everything in sight. It's all such an experience, almost as if it's not my own body. As much as I complain, the thought of having my healthy baby in our family makes it all worth it (at least most of the time) haha

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The Garver Family said...

You are just so unbelievably cute. I can't wait to see what she'll look like. A beauty, of course.