Baby Love: 28 weeks

How Big is the Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnant?:
By 28 weeks pregnant your baby is 15.75 inches or more! She weighs in at about 2 and a half pounds during pregnancy at 28 weeks!

Your Baby's Growth ad Development:
Up until now if you were to look at your baby's brain during your pregnancy week by week it would appear smooth. By about 28 weeks pregnant however this changes, as the brain starts to mature and form grooves that we commonly associate with a human brain. Your baby may also be growing longer hair on her head by pregnancy at 28 weeks, though many babies will come out bald at birth. Others will be born with lovely locks of hair that will fall out and even change color some time after delivery.

Your baby should also be sprouting eyelashes by pregnancy 28 weeks, which will blink repeatedly if you were to shine a bright light on your belly.


Londyn is getting more and more active every day. She is constantly movin' and groovin' in da' belly. She is making known to the world... "look out, here I come!" As for me, my new strut has developed into a fine art of waddling. You laugh, but trust me... it's not pretty. My body is getting more and more sore as I am getting bigger. My doctor highly recommended a belly cradle... somewhat of a twisted contraption that I wear under my clothes to support my aching back and belly. It helps significantly but you definitely won't be seeing it on the runways of Vogue anytime soon. It's not the hottest number in my closet.

My appetite is not as ravenous... and has slowed down quite a bit. I still love food but my portions aren't as large as they were even a few weeks ago. As for my diabetic-scare, I found out today that I passed my 3-hr glucose tolerance test! I do not have gestational diabetes!
I will continue to eat WHATEVER I want, WHEN I want.

Andrew started painting Londyn's room today. I can't wait to get started on decorating! I wanted to wait until we were finished with the downstairs living areas to be decorated and organized before we begun "project nursery." I want to enjoy this time with Andrew, creating an oasis of a room for our baby girl.

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