The Belly: 30 Weeks

How Big is the Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant?
By 30 weeks pregnant your baby weighs almost 3 pounds and is just about 17 inches long!

Your Baby's Growth and Development
Your baby is continuing to grow and develop during pregnancy at 30 weeks, filling out your uterus more and more every day. You have probably noticed an arm or leg moving across your belly at one time or another. Many parents have a lot of fun playing "guess the body part" as their unborn baby moves underneath mom's belly during pregnancy 30 weeks. This game is even more interesting as your pregnancy week by week continues. A hard round lump is likely either the head or your baby's bottom, whereas a longer flat surface may be your baby's back. Your health care provider may be able to help you identify your baby's bumps and lumps at your next prenatal visit.
The volume of amniotic fluid in your belly will slowly start to decrease as your baby starts to take up more and more space in your belly.

Your Growth and Development
Your uterus is now about 4 inches above your belly button at pregnancy week 30. You are now in the home stretch of pregnancy by pregnancy at 30 weeks, and quickly running out of room to expand!

I have been working twice a week since we moved here and have really appreciated the opportunity to be employed and to contribute to our financial needs. This past week I was offered a third day to work. At first I was stoked because we need the money and it will help me to stay busy while Andrew is gone. The downfall is that the responsibilities and tasks that I plan to do on my days off are now crammed into two days. I am wearing myself out and having had reality set in, I am cutting back one of my days to a 1/2 day... working a total of 2 1/2 days per week. This will still help financially, keep me busy but also keep me somewhat sane.
My feet are swollen on a regular basis these days. They were especially puffy during those few hot days we had this last week. Food isn't as frequent, but don't get me wrong... a large french fry and soft-serve ice cream cone from McD's is never rejected by this prego Mama. Every night I have a pretty basic routine. I fall asleep at first and then wake up anywhere between 11:30PM and 2AM. I then roll out of bed and take a bath to try and relax. Finally, after my bath I go into the nursery, shut the door... turn on the light and just enjoy the thought that my baby will be here with us soon. I look at all of her clothes hanging in the closet; her lil' shoes and hair bows. Momentarily, it makes the lack of sleep all worth it. Usually, I am relaxed enough by then to crawl into bed and snuggle with my hubby. Eventually I fall back to sleep.
Andrew will be heading off to North Carolina in about 2 weeks. It is still surreal that he will be gone for an entire month. Every day I get pretty emotional about the situation. I think about all of the little things he does and is for our family. I am so grateful that he is not being sent overseas for a much longer period of time. It is training and he will be safe. I will get to talk to him frequently on the phone and the time difference is minimal compared to when he was in Iraq. I am truly blessed to have Andrew in my life. Heavenly Father really nailed it on the head with that one!


The Porters said...

So..where are the fabulous tummy pictures lol? I miss ya too! Someday you better come visit!

Armitage Family said...

Okay so I posted pictures! And if you look at them... THAT is why I haven't posted. I look swollen from head to toe! Ahh!

The Porters said...

Oh its the best being pregnant! Brian took pictures and said trust me you will want these someday lol. Guess what, I still don't want them. But don't worry its all temporary ;) Love ya!