Sumo: The Naughty Dog

Sunday morning, we woke up and Andrew went downstairs to let Sumo out to go potty. Boy, were we in for a surprise! He had chewed a Sumo-sized hole through the mesh of his crate, chewed up all of the toilet paper, chewed an even bigger hole in the ironing board pad and cover which he has attacked before but made it worse, and to top it off... left his signature of poo and pee. Why did we get a dog... you ask? We ask ourselves the same question when these very incidents take place. Well, because he's SO DANG cute! And he really is a good puppy... just doing normal puppy things.

Last night we went to PETCO and got him a new PLASTIC crate with metal doors so he can't chew through them. We also got him a couple toys. Everyone there adored Sumo. When we were in the store, I told Andrew that this experience for Sumo was just like that euphoric and perfect feeling that I get when I walk into Nordstroms. It is genuinely an untouchable feeling, and that's the same look I saw in Sumo's eyes! So true!

When we got home we gave Sumo a bath because earlier in the day he was playing outside while Daddy was working on the yard. Sumo decided to roll around in the sap-covered dirt filled with pine cones and who knows what else.

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