Hypotension = Bedrest

Today I had my regular 2 week visit with Nan, my Nurse Midwife. She is fantastic and I truly adore her! She took my blood pressure and noticed that it was lower than usual. I have a history of low blood pressure, black out episodes and fainting. When I told her of my history, she got concerned. She then took my blood pressure in several different positions. It kept getting lower and lower. My lowest was in a standing position, reading at 92/54. Now in the past I have had readings that were even lower than that, but since being pregnant my blood pressure has been at a steady low... but a good low, not a scary low. She then asked me questions about work and my every day whereabouts. Nan decided to put me on a mild bed-rest consisting of no more working, no driving and lots of sitting and sleeping. Sounds pretty nice right? For only so long will I enjoy this new lifestyle for the next 9 weeks. Especially with Andrew leaving, my midwife is concerned about me fainting or having an episode in his absence... when home alone. So she wants me to really take it easy. I can definitely take it easy... but really?! No driving?! I love my home but am not so thrilled about this "mild" lock down. At least I have Sumo. Andrew will be gone and back before I know it.
Any good tips for bed-rest???


LCM said...

Wow! I have never had them do that to me. When I was sick in the hospital with one of the girls, a nurse's aide came in to take my pressure, around 5am and she actually woke me up because it was 70/55. I have always had low pressure, but that was wild. I had an even lower one when I was in labor with an epidural and resting and the bed was messed up with my legs higher than my head and it was 60/40. I never noticed and they never said anything about watching it. I hope you can find things to keep you occupied, especially with your husband leaving. Good luck!

The Lathrop's said...

bummer!! But it is for the best and it will be over soon. Hang in there.

Good books, magazines, movies, computer, .... hmmm, what else? Friends & family to come by and keep you company - its nice that you have Sumo :o) I can't think of anything else, I have never been on bed rest - but if I think of anything - I'll let you know.

Take Care!!

The Garver Family said...

I have low blood pressure all the time, all the time, except when I'm pregnant, then it's normal. But, when I was on bedrest for both of my boys...let me just say, it sucks. There's no sugar coating it. But, I would suggest renting a TV series and just sit back and enjoy the heck outta getting some rest while you can. It won't be long before you're just not able to...and then that sort of sucks, too.

I have a feeling you'll be fine. You're a tough broad. :) It won't be the same at work without you though. :(