Andrew Scissorhands

Last Saturday, April 11th, Andrew and I made a visit to the ER. He was cutting branches with a hand saw... about 20 to 30 ft. up in one of the trees in our backyard. As one of the branches was falling to the ground, it took the saw with it and sliced Andrew's finger several times. He calls me while I'm out running errands and asks about how far away I am... I said 15 mins- in reality I was about 5 mins away but wanted to stop and get some Easter surprises for him from Walgreens. Well, my commute was cut short when he proceeded to tell me... "well, no rush or anything but... I kinda cut my finger... and I think I might need stitches... BUT don't rush or anything. It's fine." Ummm... in my mind, if MY husband actually thinks he may need stitches... it's probably worse than he's telling me. I rushed home... found several of the neighbors, including the Odom kids who were playing with Sumo, tell me "Brother Armitage cut himself and he's bleeding all over the place!" I rush in .... and the man is upstairs changing out of his grubby clothes and into something a bit more cleaned up. In a panic, I still managed to laugh... that I found him nonchalantly dressing for the ER occasion. We headed out to the Newberg Providence Medical Center and went through the 3-hour lengthy process just to get my husband 5 stitches. They gave him a tetanus shot, stitches, a stint, some antibiotics and then we were off on our way. It was exactly how I envisioned our Saturday night to go... NOT!


Jess said...

remember that nasty cut you got from broken glass on the rock out back? that was pretty scary for me as your Mom! dont know how Kacie took this bloddy mess! it's pretty gross!
(in case you are wondering...this is MOM...I am using Jess' computer and am blogged in under her name!)

LCM said...

Oh my gosh, he and Maddy could be stitch twins! So glad it gotten taken care of.

The Garver Family said...

So funny. I mean, too bad that happened. But funny. Reminds me of when my sister got a call saying, "When you get a few minutes you might want to meet us at the hospital. Terry's forehead (her husband) met a chainsaw." ACK! It was very minor, fortunately. Still funny though. I know I'm terrible.