Weekly Tidbits

I've been sitting in the living room... bored out of my mind, waiting for Andrew to get home from drill... which will occur in who know's how many hours. So I will do the inevitable. Blog.

Oh how the week flew by! This last week we have been getting our house in order, arranging... re-arranging, and of course... LIFE!

The first couple of days in the house were chaos... not knowing or having a place for our belongings just yet, and "good" sleep was out of the question. It still felt a lil' foreign to me. Andrew is used to living in all sorts of different situations so the change was no biggie for him.

On Wednesday, our appliances came which allowed for organizing of the kitchen to begin. Thursday the awaited pantry/cabinet arrived and completed the kitchen setup. I have to admit I was avoiding the distributing and organizing of kitchen items and food because it was far too overwhelming for me! So... what do ya do... what a predicament such as this one arrives? Call Mom! So I did just that. She gave me exactly what I needed. Direction and endurance to complete the nasty task. Thanks Mama Mia!

On Tuesday, I went to my first office visit with Nurse Midwife, Nan Macy. I was a little nervous to meet her as I really wanted to like her! I am done switching OB providers. Verdict: fabulous! She is exactly what I've been looking for in a baby-doctor. What didn't I like about the visit... the amount of glucose showing up in my urinalysis.... ugh. Just what I need, right? So...Thursday rolled around and I went to the Newberg Providence to have a 1-hr. Glucose Tolerance test done, per my midwife, Nan Macy ... and I failed miserably. Now I have to do a 3-hr. Glucose test and if I fail that as well... I foresee Gestational Diabetes and a not so prego-friendly diet in the near future. I have to conduct a special diet for 3 days prior to having the next test. I will start that tomorrow and take the test this upcoming Thursday. Wish me luck!

Now... this next event is the result of a pregnant woman with outrageous hormones + new home/nesting syndrome = pregnant woman hates couch and must get a replacement ASAP! After we moved in... the couch and chair in our living room turned out to be far too oversized for our space. Of course this is no big deal to my husband and everyone else... but to me, the end of the world! Andrew told me that if I could sell our existing furniture, I could use that money to buy new ones. Isn't he reasonable? Anyway, I did just that! Found fabulous new furniture on Craigslist for an amazing price, sold the old stuff and am now sittin' pretty on my new sofa! After all was said and done- Andrew expressed my favorite quote passed down from my father-in-law to my husband... "happy wife, happy life."

And last but not least... Andrew has been enduring Drill yesterday and today. He is finally on his way home... as I blog, in fact. Poor guy is pooped! He had uniform inspection and a PFT.
I can't wait to have him back home!

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