At 16 weeks old Sumo is growing big and strong! We can definitely tell a difference in growth since he's joined our family. In the last few weeks he has had 2 play dates with his cousin Maggie which has been a bitter-sweet reunion, as she is still not too fond of his existence. I think she's just afraid that the lil' "runt" is trying to rain on her parade over at the Christensen home. On Monday, Sumo played with his other cousin Jack over at the Milne farm and that was a whole other story. They were best friends and loved every minute of wrestling and play time. Sumo was pretty worn out and slept the rest of that evening.

Today I took him for his first appointment with the groomer. He was a lil' antsy and scared at first but warmed up to the environment quickly. It took about an hour and a half to finish his makeover. Boy, does he look like an entirely new fella. His Yorkie features are much more prominent with his Poodle-curl trimmed off. Sumo isn't as fluffy as we'd like him to be, but he is still our little pup.


At the moment, potty-training is going very well! He hasn't had any accidents in the last few days. We are crossing our fingers that he will maintain this good record.

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