Birthday Eve

In my family, birthdays are always a big ta-do... especially growing up!
The day is all about you and YOU some more!
Your favorite meal prepared for dinner or even going out to the restaurant of choice.
I have always wanted to carry those traditions on with my own family and now I can!
ANYWAY... on the eve of my birthday today, since I won't be in the office tomorrow... I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I arrived and my desk was decorated with streamers and confetti, candy kisses, a small bucket of thoughtful notes from each member of the staff and an adorable photo album for special memories! AND- a huge banner at the front desk decorated with "Happy Birthday!" It is so wonderful to know that even as a new employee, I am appreciated and noticed by the staff! They also had Krispy Kreme doughnuts and brownies made for everyone to share in the celebration. With every patient that I worked with today, each of them made sure to wish me a happy birthday. Even strangers were acknowledging my birth! It was truly a fabulous birthday at work!

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