My mom has always been the Queen of Care Packages... but she most definitely out-did herself this week with fabulous Mommy/Baby items.

The ultimate item in the package was these stunning leopard-print pumps! These are the most adorable new trend in crib shoes. Our baby is bound to be a Fashion Icon within her first 6 months of fabulosity! (and yes, that is a word.)

Also included,an adorable handmade receiving blanket with matching burp cloths, featuring essential items- lipstick, nail polish, compact, mirror and comb. So cute!

I know you're probably all thinking... what if it's a boy?! Of course, we will be thrilled! If not used for this baby, they will be tucked away for a beautiful lil girl someday.

And of course, Mom stocked me up on morning sickness aids.

Preggie Pops and Queasy Drops.
Isn't modern-day-medicine something to be thankful for?

Last but not least... my first super cute maternity ensemble.

Mom's get a bad rap for The Frumpy Look... which is totally unnecessary.

Motherhood is hot!


Brown Family said...

My goal was to stay away from any cute baby shops until we foundout and was the hardest things in the world, but I somehow made the 21weeks with only buying 2 things, one boy and girl outfit, but we foundout it's a boy and thank goodness I didn't lean towards what I thought was a girl! Nonetheless these are such exciting times!

Jadie said...

Preggie pops rule. I pretty much lived on those things the first four months of pregnancy.