No-Carb Update

It's been exactly 1 week and I have lost 4 lbs. It doesn't feel like 4 lbs. but I guess that's better than nothing, right?! On the other hand, I have cheated unintentionally! And... intentionally. It's been really hard to figure out what has carbs and what doesn't. Did you know carrots and corn have carbs?! I can't even eat certain HEALTHY foods! What kind of diet is this?!

Well, it's a 4 lbs. in 1-week diet! That's what it is.

So I'm going to stick with it and do my BEST
not to cheat.

Favorite Diet-Friendly Foods: (this week)

- Pepperoni
- Grilled Chicken Strips
- Celery
- Green Cabbage
-Sugar-Free Jell-O
- DIET COKE (Always a favorite)


Kayti said...

HOW IS YOUR NEW JOB! we need to catch up sometime soon. cuzate?

LCM said...

Hey, thanks for making me a friend on Facebook. The girls thought you looked like a princess in your wedding pictures.