The Neverending New-Hire Training

I know that we have all endured the tedious orienting of a new job position... but really, does it have to be so bad? As fortunate as I am to have such a wonderful employer right now, I am just about done in with all the training. Yesterday and today I went up to SLC to certify in the main program that Intermountain Healthcare uses. I was fully prepared to attack the lengthy classes but yesterday they let the class out early, so I was hoping they might do the same today. But OH NO it went from 9am-4pm and it felt like much longer! Sitting in the same chair, in front of the same computer screen, learning the same things that I have been doing for the past three weeks on my own... was not my cup of tea. Now, as much as it sounds like I am complaining... you're right. I am doing just that. Most all of the people that were in my class have not started working in their clinic or department yet, so everything was new for them and repetitive to me. Phew! Thanks for letting me get all that out in the open. Feel free to disregard this whiney post as most of you will understand those occasional moments of just simply needing to vent.


Josh and Danielle said...

thanks!!!!!! i am way excited! it is weird to think that in less then 8 months i am going to be a mommy!!! it is nuts! it is like i just got married yesterday and before that i was like 12 in young womens going to camp and everything! lol it is so crazy to think about! but we need to get together! i miss see kacie and being around you! lol i always have a blast!!!

A and K said...

I have always thought the same about you! I remember coming home from girls camp and talking about how funny you are! My parents know of you but have never met you! haha I am so stoked for you though. You two are going to have the cutest baby. With you for a mom, he or she is bound to have a personality! Let's get together soon!

Jadie said...

I hate getting oriented to a new job!!! After all these years away from the work force, I seriously cringe when I think of the day that I will have to do all that again. Ugh.

Here's to a speedy and not-so-boring rest of your training!