Andrew is home :) The weekend flew by as I had hoped! The poor guy was out all day and night on Friday doing "Marine" stuff... (that's the best way to describe it) Then woke up @ 5am on Saturday and hiked a bazillion miles in the pooring rain... and then this morning they woke up @ 5am, ate powdered eggs, sausage, and french toast (all cold), did physical training and other "Marine" stuff haha then made it home by 12:30pm He was and still is pooped...
napping on the sofa, as I am typing.
Friday night I was able to visit with some of the other Marine wives. I was a little nervous, but then so surprised at how much we had in common. Their stories made me feel like counting my blessings ten times over. Two of these women found out they were expecting, the week after our men were called to Iraq. They carried their babies and had them 5 and 6 months before the boys came home. Their sources of survival were webcams, pictures and phone calls when they could. I think my Father in Heaven really had a hand in the outcome of this weekend. He knew that I needed a little humbling and these strong and optimistic women were just the ones to do it. When I asked them about how difficult this must have been for them and their husbands, they were so nonchalant about it. Their view on it was that at least they had the other wives to get them through and when their husbands came home, it was the most amazing reunion to meet the additions to their families. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father loves me and is in my life to teach me these lessons and open my eyes.

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