Andrew is off to do drills this weekend, Friday-Sunday. As supportive as I can be, it's still difficult when he leaves. Last month, I was able to fly home and spend the weekend with my fam in Oregon. Way fun! But I was ready to get back to my husband and small basement apartment home. This time, I'll be home by myself for the weekend. I'm not too worried about keeping busy, since I have plenty to do. I work all day Friday, work Saturday, clean the apartment and Sunday I'm babysitting my cute niece Karina and nephew Marcelo for the afternoon session of General Conference. Also, Andrew has the wife of one of the men in his unit in his History class and she invited me to a "Wives Club" this weekend. All the wives get together and hang out when their husbands are off at drills. I hope I fit in!

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Kayti said...

wives club? that sounds so official! how fun though--i would invite you to play, but we are babysitting all weekend too, hahaha. so is the life!