Coming Soon to a Uterus Near You: Baby Armitage

6 months after we first met and 3 months after gettin' hitched... we're havin' a baby!

That's right Ladies and Gents, I am in my 5th week of pregnancy!!!

Can you believe it?! I have craved motherhood my whole life and it's finally here! Andrew is so supportive and super excited! On our 3 month anniversary, we discovered the faint, but most definite pink line!!! I was so excited, it was like Christmas morning. I ran into the bedroom, shook Andrew to wake the poor guy up... and blurted out, "Honey! I think there's a line!" Since he is oh-so-familiar with my pregnancy-hypochondria... he was very rational and told me to get a test done at work. So I did! And, boy did I have news for him!

With all the stress and excitement, Andrew has really been a gem. I had to work all day Saturday and he knew I was anxious about leaving with the house such a mess. I came home to laundry folded, floor vacuumed, bed made, dishes done, our important documents were all organized in their identified folders (a project we were both dreading), the bathroom cleaned, light bulbs changed... AND he was finished with all of his homework, and ready to offer me some undeserved attention. Now, while I am professing a gag-worthy brag-a-thon... I also think it's so important to recognize and be proud of husbands. What would we do without them.

He isnt Mr. Perfect... but he's perfect to me!


Stefanie Michelle said...

KACIE MILNE (Armitage) Congratulations, sweetie!!! I am so happy for you and your new hubby! You will be such a wonderful mommy! Definitely keep us all updated :o)

Jadie said...

No way! That is great news! What if six months and a day ago, someone told you this is where you'd be in your life now? Crazy how things can change that fast!

Don't apologize for braggin' on your hub--he most definitely sounds brag-worthy, and our poor hardworking hubbies deserve a shout-out from their wives once in awhile!

I actually just saw your family tonight--Bec & your mom threw Kevin a party for the release of his book. They were tight-lipped about the Armitage baby--I suppose they feel it is your news to share. But exciting things all round for the Milne family, eh?!

Josh and Danielle said...

i am so excited! i was nervous thinking i would have to got hrough this pregnancy alone but now i have a buddy! and our due dates are so close! i am 7 weeks and you are five! i cant wait to talk back and forth about baby stuff and we can go baby shopping and hang out@! i mean i am in west jordan and you in provo it is not that far! i am so excited CONGRATS!!!!

LCM said...