The Brent Brown Saga Continues...

I'm sure that you have all experienced similar frustrations as we have with the car dealership where we adopted Sashimi. We are all familiar with the ever so courteous customer service reps that are dealt with on a regular basis regarding insurance coverage, cell phone plans, misc. unnecessary and overcharged bills... etc. These are all joys of modern day pleasures that tend to, as my dear mother would say, "torment our souls."
Having spoken with multiple "managers" who in my opinion, weren't managing ANYTHING... I found myself repeating our story and many "yes ma'am's," and "I understand, ma'am's," with NO result so I decided to give it a rest for a night with the assurance that I would be contacted the following day with a solution. Of course this wasn't the case. I sat at work, festering over my frustrations and was NOT contacted... let alone, with any solution. So, with Brent Brown on my speed dial by now- I called the Parts Manager to find out the status of our predicament. Luckily for him, he did have a solution and was able to console me with a pleasing report. The Brent Brown Chevrolet, whom we purchased the car from was not the original dealership that received the trade-in from the beginning. This was overlooked on their part when selling the car to us. Brent Brown Dodge originally received the car from a previous owner and ran the emissions test while finding the need to conduct several repairs on the vehicle. A lack of communication was found between the dealerships and we were caught in the middle. Considering the specialty part is $870-some odd dollars, we were pleased to find out that we will not be charged for the part needed or labor to place the part, in order to pass the state emissions test.
This is a relief to us as we can barely afford the gas to run the dang thing! I mean... our dear Chrysler Concorde, Sashimi. This was a happily ever after for us and especially for Brent Brown Chevrolet as the wrath of Kacie is not a pretty sight!


Jadie said...

"The wrath of Kacie"...lol! Look out Brent Brown Chevrolet! I love your mom's quote. Your mom pretty much rocks. Good luck!

A and K said...

haha Thanks! She is pretty fabulous, isn't she?