Define: Customer Service

CUSTOMER SERVICE : "Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs" - CustomerServiceManager.com
When Andrew and I got married we were concerned about our daily whereabouts and transportation. We had our Honda CR-V (AKA Origami) and as wonderful as she is, we couldn't exactly split her into two cars... as we needed her in two places at once. So- it was time to invest in a second vehicle. We purchased our Chrysler Concorde and named her Sashimi. Long story short, the check engine light came on- exactly a week after we bought it! We thought it might just be an error... but the dealership has not been very helpful in compensating for this problem. Today I spent an hour giving the "Customer Service Rep" a piece of my mind. As most of you know, I am more than willing to say whatever, whenever I feel the need. This is a fabulous trait at times and gets in the way at others. And as most of you also know, Andrew is the exact opposite. So Brent Brown got stuck with me today! We are crossing our fingers that this will all work itself out or else we are dealing with a large bill that I am not paying. I'm sure you've all faced similar situations. Don't you just love how Customer Service can be just the opposite? Sometimes I think it should be called Customer Dis-Service.
Sorry for the venting and slightly negative post. But I needed to get it all out!

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