All About the Ta-Ta's

When I had Londyn, I was terrified of breastfeeding.  I wanted so badly to try nursing but was overwhelmed with the recovery of a difficult labor, having a newborn and not knowing what the heck I was doing, sleep deprivation and baby blues.  Throw Mastitis into the mix and say goodbye to breastfeeding... HELLO Similac!  Since I can't do much physically for Zoe right now, I am determined to pump milk and hopefully nurse her once her NG tube is taken out.  Pumping is a full time, round the clock job.  I am pumping every three hours, making sure I am eating and getting lots of fluids so  my body to produce nutrition for my baby.  So far, this time around has gone wonderfully!  Since I have the time to focus on it and stick to a schedule, I am right on track.  Although, it will be a whole different dance when Zoe can actually nurse. 

 Londyn cracked me up today when I was getting ready to pump and she said "you take your boobies off AGAIN?!"  I love that kid.

All of my hard work is paying off because Zoe started getting my milk through her NG tube today!
She is getting about 1 ounce every hour and I am ecstatic about it!

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LindseySoren said...

I remember how hard that was when I had to pump constantly for Lilian when she was in the NICU. But stick with it!!! It pays off. Lilian ended up nursing for the whole year. It is rough trying to pump and nurse for the first little bit, but the time will pass and you will be grateful that you stuck it out. you can do it!! Also, a huge help for me was a nipple shield by Medela. It was perfect. It helped Lilian latch on. She honestly used it for a few months, and then was able to transition off and do just fine. I would insist on trying it out to see if it is a good fit for you and Zoe.